1. Q: Do I need to provide episcura credit in work created using their images?

A: Credit is appreciated but not required.


2. Q:  Why does your site look weird on my phone?

A:  Unfortunately we at Episcura have extremely large fingers and poor eyesight.  At this time we do not have the required genetics to produce a site for those fortunate enough to use mobile devices.  


New technology is on our radar however, and we will keep you updated as soon as we’ve found the right pair of glasses for the task.  Our mobile site will be coming soon so stay tuned!

3. Q:  Are these textures royalty free?

A:  I know I know,  nobody wants to read Terms of Service agreements or Privacy Policies, but alas, these are precisely the questions that these two boring but very necessary documents can answer!

Yes.  All images Episcura.com are royalty free.


4. Q:  So, they’re royalty free.  How can I use them? What media is ok?  Can I resell them?

5. :  Phew, that’s more than one question.  You’re really pushing your luck with this one!  

In short, you are free to use them for any kind of creative project - personal or commercial.  You may not however, resell them in anyway as standalone images - modified or not.

Below is a list of some examples of where you can use them:

3D models
Matte Paintings
Storyboards / Style Frames
Web Design
Print Media


6. Q: Can I create texture packs and sell them?

A: No you cannot create a texture pack or scrapbooking and sell or repurpose them.


7 Q: How does the quota system work?

A: The free quota system is 15mb/ 24 hours. If you exceed your 15mb you will have to wait until the 24/hour time limit has passed. Paid accounts work in a weekly fashion, so 1GB/2,5GB per week. The week starts when you Pay

It goes without saying, but it’s best to be clear. Please no mass downloading. It’s just not allowed for many reasons. If you do this we will block your IP address.