In 2012 the idea for Episcura was born. As CG artists and designers we were frustrated that there were so few libraries of images available to creatives. If we were lucky enough to find a single useful site, it was poorly organized or the files were low quality. The major stock image sites were unaffordable and HDR’s were priced too high everywhere. We felt the growing community of digital artists deserved a better solution.

Episcura is the culmination of 2+ years of hard work on top of our normal 10-8 jobs. We’ve traveled 42,238 miles, shot 32,545 images in an effort to create our library. Like you, we love images. We love shooting them, editing them, and sharing them with the community.

Our goal is to become the largest and most accessible library of images for digital artists.

Our journey is far from over as we will continue to expand and add images every week. As we grow & develop, we look forward to your feedback. Like you, we want to spend less time searching and more time creating.


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